Planning Appeals and negotiations

Planning Appeals and negotiations

If you have had a planning application refused we may be able to help, either by preparing and lodging an appeal or finding ways in which a proposal may be revised to overcome a reason(s) for refusal. We will assess the Local Planning Authority’s report and reasons for refusal and give you an assessment of the areas in which we can strengthen the case. Honesty and integrity are very important principles driving the company and we will always give you an honest and professional view regarding the chances of success on appeal.

We have an excellent record on appeals which significantly exceeds the national average for percentage of appeals won. We use case law and review appeal decisions on similar cases so that we can highlight any errors or inconsistencies in the way in which a Local Planning Authority handled your planning application. If the Local Planning Authority has acted unreasonably we can prepare an application for an award of costs to recoup either part or the full costs you have incurred going through the appeal process. Mark is experienced in dealing with appeals in all formats including by written representations, informal hearings and by appearing as an expert witness at Planning Inquiry.

We strongly recommend using our services from the outset of a project because putting together a well prepared and strongly evidenced submission which considers the policies against which the proposal will be judged will significantly reduce the risk of a planning appeal being required.

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